Book Cover Reveal: Peregrine’s Flight

I’m still working hard on Peregrine’s Flight, trying to finish my first draft. I hope to have it done, and into the hands of my editor in a week or two. In the meantime, I had a cover designed by my friend and fellow author, Rachael Ritchey. I think she did a great job with it. Comments and opinions are welcome.


Interview: Luther Wylde

Me: Hello everyone, and welcome to Since today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, I thought I would sit down with the pirate Luther Wylde, the protagonist of my upcoming book, “Peregrine’s Flight.” So now, let’s welcome Luther Wylde.

Luther Wylde: Thank you so much for having me here.

Me: You’re welcome. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Now I’m sure our audience is curious. How long have you been a pirate?

Luther Wylde: I first entered piracy about fifteen years ago. I started my career as a crew member on the Peregrine with Captain Clara Blackwell. Seven years ago, I assume command of the Peregrine, and became quite successful. Between then and now, I also added the Kestrel and the Storm Rider to my pirate fleet.

Me: Impressive. To what do you attribute your success as a pirate?

Luther Wylde: Well, part of that would be that I don’t kill people unless necessary. I hold my crew to that standard as well. Because we have a reputation for mercy, quite a few of the crew members of the ships that we capture come over and join my crew. The rest that don’t join me are ransomed back to their families or employers. Another key to my success is a network of informants who keep me apprised of the shipping in the region, and where the richest treasures will be located.

Me: Very commendable, minimizing bloodshed. Why did you become a pirate in the first place?

Luther Wylde: Oh, several reasons really. I grew up in Storm Haven, watching the ships coming in and leaving our port. I love the sea. And, I have to admit… I fell I love with Captain Blackwell when I met her. Tell me something, have you every done something because of a woman?

Me: Yes, I have. At a local theme park, I went on one of those spinning rides, even knowing it would make me sick. I did it because a woman asked me to.

Luther Wylde: You see, women can have a strong influence on us. That’s the effect that Clara Blackwell had on me. I turned to piracy because I loved her, I love ships, I love the sea, and I love my freedom. As a pirate, I have all of that. I didn’t before.

Me: What did you do before?

Luther Wylde: I manned one of the guns defending Storm Haven.

Me: If they were to make a movie of “Peregrine’s Flight”, who do you see playing yourself.

Luther Wylde: That’s a tough question. I guess Johnny Depp has already played Captain Jack Sparrow, so probably not him. Perhaps Benedict Cumberbatch.

Me: I think that would be a good choice. Okay, one last questions, this is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Are you going to be talking like a pirate?

Luther Wylde: What do you mean?

Me: Don’t pirates normally talk like, “Arrr me mateys.”

Luther Wylde: I don’t know what books you’ve been reading, or what movies you watch, but pirates talk like normal people. Take me for example, I’m a pirate, and I’m talking, and I don’t sound a bit like that.

Me: Okay, fair enough. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to chat.

Luther Wylde: You’re quite welcome. When do you plan on releasing “Peregrine’s Flight?”

Me: I am shooting for early October. Thank you everyone for stopping by to read this post. I’ll be doing a cover reveal for “Peregrine’s Flight” later this week, so be sure to come by then to see it. Thank you all, and good night.