Little Girl, Do You Know?

Today was a difficult day for my wife and I. We took our cat to the vet, and found out she has liver cancer. We said goodbye to her a little while ago. I had this poem running through my head all afternoon at work yesterday, and I quickly wrote it down after we got home from the vet. It’s a little tribute to our dear little Beauty.



Little Girl, Do You Know

Do you know, you caught our hearts, all those years ago.
You gazed on us with big blue eyes, and love began to grow.
We picked you out, adpoted you, and we took you home.
Do you know this little girl? Little girl, do you know?

Do you know you made us laugh, picked us up when our hearts were low.
You gave us comfort, gave us peace, as the storms of life did blow.
You climbed our tree, your little eyes, peeking out from between the boughs.
Do you know this little girl? Little girl, do you know?

Do you know your time is short, do you know you soon must go.
Our hearts are heavy, our eyes are red, as the tears do flow.
You soon will cross that final bridge, to feel pain no more.
Do you know this little girl? Little girl, do you know?

Do you know the time will come, when tears no longer flow.
We will see you again one day, and be parted no more.
Once again, will come a day when we hear your sweet meow.
Do you know this little girl? Little girl, do you know.

Poem – Vampire’s Kiss


You sense me hiding.
From the shadows I stalk.
You try to avoid me.
As the closer I get, the faster you walk.

You try to flee.
You try to hide.
Yet within a heartbeat,
I’m there at your side.

You stare deep,
Deep into my eyes.
You cannot move, you cannot cry,
Your whole body becomes paralyzed.

Your neck is exposed.
With one single bite.
Your blood flows to me,
As you hold me, hold me tight.

You thrill to my touch,
To my every caress.
Your life flows to me,
And to you, flows my death.

Your darkest desire,
Your deepest pain.
You cry out your longing.
Again and again.

I continue to drink.
Your life’s single spark
Starts to grow dim,
and fade into dark.

We end the embrace,
The blood ceases to flow.
I fly quickly away,
And soon, you will know.

Know how want,
Know how you’ll miss,
Know how you need,
The vampire’s kiss.

When Hate Is Gone

When hate is gone,

when violence ends,

those once enemies,

now are friends.


When we stop the divide,

by thoughts or creed or race,

only then will we stand as one,

against the difficulties we all face.


When we come together,

when we walk hand in hand,

we can then do great things,

we can bring healing to our land.


When we stop the anger and the hate,

when we stop fanning the flame,

we can then accept that we are different,

and acknowledge we’re the same.


What love builds up, hate destroys,

I wish the world would see,

hate is killing us, it’s killing you,

hate is killing me.


When hate is gone

and wars will cease,

then love will reign, and only then,

then the world will be at peace.

Poem: Two Drops Of Red

Two Drops Of Red

All you’ll ever see is my shadow.

All you’ll feel of me is a cold breeze.

All you’ll hear of me is a whisper in the night.

The barest scent of death is in the air.

By the time you know I’m there- I’m gone.

The only signs that I was ever there…

A growing darkness,

A spreading chill,

And two drops of red.