When Hate Is Gone

When hate is gone,

when violence ends,

those once enemies,

now are friends.


When we stop the divide,

by thoughts or creed or race,

only then will we stand as one,

against the difficulties we all face.


When we come together,

when we walk hand in hand,

we can then do great things,

we can bring healing to our land.


When we stop the anger and the hate,

when we stop fanning the flame,

we can then accept that we are different,

and acknowledge we’re the same.


What love builds up, hate destroys,

I wish the world would see,

hate is killing us, it’s killing you,

hate is killing me.


When hate is gone

and wars will cease,

then love will reign, and only then,

then the world will be at peace.

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2 Responses to When Hate Is Gone

  1. Jo says:

    May hate be gone sooner that we expect. ???

  2. Jo says:

    (Those question marks were meant to be hearts! Sorry! Do love your poem!)

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