Excerpt: Selkie’s Choice

Kerrin swam quickly through the water, the cold not affecting her at all. Her grandmother’s last words echoed in her head, “Find someone worthy, Kerrin. Find someone worthy.” The bottom of the ocean began to slope upwards as she continued on her way. She swam to the surface and looked towards the distant shore. The beach was empty this time of the night. A few lights twinkled inland, but the shore was dark.
She dove back under the waves and looked behind her. As far as she could tell, she hadn’t been followed. She resisted the urge to turn and return to her clan, to her grandmother hidden in the underwater cave. She had a job to do, however. She had to find someone among the land dwellers to save her clan.
The water was getting shallower. When she could touch the sand with her flippers, she stopped. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Her sealskin slipped away, and she took on her human form. As she transformed, the amulet around her neck glowed a bright green. In her human form, she could feel the cold water surrounding her. She hurried out of the chilly water onto the beach. A ramshackle hut stood on a nearby outcropping. She looked around as she picked her way over the rocks, making sure that she had not been seen. Certain that there was no one else around, she slipped into the dilapidated building and closed the door.
Kerrin pulled up a loose floorboard and pulled out a waterproof bag. She pulled a white robe out of the bag, and put it on. It helped to cut the chill of the night air, but not much. She took a brush from the bag and ran it through her hair. Green and purple streaks stood out starkly against the blond hair. She put the brush back into the sack along with her amulet. She removed a second amulet from her neck and held it in her hand. “I will find someone to take your sealskin, Selin. The prophecy will be fulfilled. I promise you that, brother.” She placed the second amulet in the bag with her own and replaced it under the floorboard. She replaced the board, and dragged a nearby crate over it. Steeling herself, she stepped out into the chilly night.